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How much does a charter cost?

Charter prices vary tremendously depending on geographic location, size of the yacht and number of cabins.

Are there any hidden charges?

No, the charges and cost of the charter are all detailed in the contract. For billing of expenses, the captain will present to the charter client a complete accounting with receipts, and either additional funds are required from the client or a refund of unused funds will be returned upon completion of the charter.

How long do I have to book in advance?

For prime time, such as Christmas/New Year a lead time of 6 months or more is not uncommon. In the Mediterranean, August is prime time, and depending on the yacht, booking a year in advance is not out of the ordinary.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Once you have selected a yacht with R.N.R. Yacht Charters, and availability has been confirmed, a deposit of 50% of the basic charter fee is required along with the sign charter agreement. Funds must be wired into our non-interest-bearing escrow account, and cleared before the charter is confirmed. Balance of the charter fee, Advanced Provisioning Allowance and Taxes are due 30 days prior to commencement date of the charter.

Do you take credit cards?

R.N.R. Yacht Charters at this time does not process credit cards for yachts. Some yachts or management companies, who process credit cards for third parties, charge the additional fees for that privilege.

When the yacht is listed "Plus Expenses", what does that mean?

"Plus Expenses" means that the client will pay all or most of the running expenses incurred while on charter. To pay for these expenses, R.N.R. Yacht Charters collects on behalf of the yacht the "Advance Provisioning Allowance" (APA). The amount is usually between 25% and 30% of the basic charter fee, and depends on your itinerary, menu and bar as well as additional requested activities and dockage. A detailed accounting at the end of the charter or anytime during charter upon your request will keep you abreast of the charges incurred.

When the yacht is listed as "Inclusive", what does that mean?

"Inclusive" usually means, meals and fuel are included. Beverages, taxes, dockage and communication are usually charged separately. Some yachts in the Eastern Mediterranean may limit the fuel usage to 4 hours average per day, and include only 2 instead of 3 meals a day. These details will be available to you for every yacht offered, and apply unless stated otherwise in the contract.

Can I get my money back?

If the yacht has a technical problem and is unable to continue, the charter fee is usually prorated. In case of cancellation by the client, there is no refund, and Trip Cancellation Insurance is highly recommended. This service is offered by R.N.R. Yacht Charters on our Web site.

What about weather?

Weather cannot be controlled. R.N.R. Yacht Charters will advise you of the typical weather patterns in your selected cruising area during your charter. If unexpected weather prevents the charter, most yacht owners will try to help with the rescue of your vacation.

How many people can sleep aboard the yacht?

International yachting regulations allow a maximum capacity of 12 guests on board of yachts over 100 tons. However, R.N.R. Yacht Charters represents a handful of exquisite yachts between 200 and 400ft in length, which can legally cater to capacities of 14 to 100 guests.

I have a special diet. Is that a problem?

No, upon confirmation of your charter prior to boarding the yacht, R.N.R. Yacht Charters will provide you with the Preference Sheets, which will advise the crew of your dietary requirements, lingering health issues as well as all the fun things you and your guests and family are looking forward to doing. A timely return of this list - at least 30 days prior to commencement - will give the crew enough time to plan your meals, itinerary and activities and prepare for your arrival.

Is the yacht insured?

Yes, all yachts must carry charter insurance.

Is there any tax involved?

Depending on the cruising area or departure port, there may be a variety of taxes applicable: VAT, Boarding Tax, Cruising Tax, Local Taxes. Each situation is different, and R.N.R. Yacht Charters will advise you during the reservation process.

Do yachts cater to children?

Most yachts do. However, unless you decide to bring a nanny or other staff, the yachts will request that you are responsible for the supervision of your children at all times. This information will be made available by R.N.R. Yacht Charters.

Can I start and end my charter at different ports?

Yes. However, there may be a return delivery charge. Sometimes, the direction is subject to weather and sea conditions. R.N.R. Yacht Charters will advise.

Is tipping necessary?

Tipping is at the charterer's discretion. A gratuity of between 10 and 20% of the charter fee, however, is customary for a job well done.

Can I invite others on board during the charter?

Yes, as long as you have it stated in the contract, and safety of the vessel is not jeopardized. The maximum allowable number of passengers has to be observed.

Can I scuba dive or snorkel?

Snorkeling is never a problem. For certified divers, the yacht should be equipped and insured for diving, or arrange for rendezvous diving with an outside source.

Can I water ski?

Yes, if the yacht has water ski equipment. All yachts feature a variety of water toys.

Can I eat ashore if I like during the charter?

Yes, at your own expense. For Inclusive charters, no recompensation for skipped meals will be given.

Can the yacht's chef prepare meals for special occasions?

Most definitely. Yacht chefs love to show their talents by preparing special meals.

What clothes do I bring?

Clothing depends on the cruising area and the yacht. On a sailing yacht, you may choose to take all your meals on deck, while on a mega yacht, you might want formal dinners, donning dinner jackets and evening gowns. Light cotton is alway best for day use, and of course some casual shore clothing and bathing suits are imperative.

We have a corporate meeting. Can a yacht accommodate us?

Definitely. Up to 300 guests for a few hours on an evening cruise or a week-long business trip with the CEO. No problem.

We need to take the yacht for more than a week. Is that OK?

Yacht charter rates are usually quoted for weekly periods. Many yachts will require a minimum of 10 days over the Christmas/New Year holiday period. Extended charters for more than a week or month-long charters are not uncommon.

We only need a yacht for a day. Is that possible?

No problem. While some yachts will require a 3-day minimum, there are a number of yachts who will charter for an 8-hour day or half days. Some commercial yachts which cater to larger groups for evening cruises are also available. Please, contact R.N.R. Yacht Charters to discuss your event.

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